HUST To Welcome Club Chairman To Members Meeting

HUST welcomes Andy Lonsdale’s acceptance of our invitation, via a club statement, to speak at our forthcoming Members Meeting on December 18th.
Mr Lonsdale’s further invitation to speak to the full fanbase at Edgar Street is welcome, however this will have to occur at a later date for the reasons stated in the original release.


The December 18th meeting is a Members Meeting that is to conduct a number of items of HUST business. The principle item of business is the current boycott which was voted on by HUST members and must be formally ended with the evidence that the terms of the boycott have been met. We hope Mr Lonsdale can understand that we have to follow the necessary process and will be able to furnish the meeting with the details needed to confirm the completion of terms to end the boycott, namely the settlement of the winding-up proceedings, debt to Herefordshire Council, and football creditors.


As already stated we plan to record the meeting for publication on our YouTube channel, and all fans will be able to hear Mr Lonsdale’s plans through that without cost.


Of course, membership of HUST is open to all supporters and any can attend the coming members meeting by joining HUST and having an equal vote in shaping its future decisions.
Membership can be completed online, costing £10 –