HUST Update

We would like to welcome all the new members that have joined HUST in the past few days. Our membership total is likely to exceed 1,000 before the year is out and our growing size will help demonstrate to the FA that a HUST supported club will be the continuation of Hereford United.
We need every fan that possibly can to join up and have their say on the future. With that in mind we call on supporters to end the disputes that have blighted recent events. Individual supporters should not be singled out because of their actions over the past few months and the future club should be welcoming to all without prejudice.
The HUST Board acknowledges that there is a thirst for information at the moment regarding future plans, however there are a number of items that need to be resolved before details of the future can become clearer.
Both Herefordshire Council and the Official Reciever of Hereford United (1939) Ltd have to go though their due processes to evaluate the assets they have recently gained possession of. 
Until both these parties have made their decisions as to value it is very difficult to provide definites about the future in several key aspects. We fully intend to hold a meeting as early as possible to discuss the future, but in order to hold that meeting we need some of the landscape to be known.
We can categorically assure our members that they will have the ultimate say on any agreement HUST makes on a phoenix club, and full details will be laid down ahead of a vote. However in order to reach that stage we have to allow these other parties to undertake their required actions.
Also it will likely be some five months before we learn which division a phoenix club will be placed in, with the FA not usually releasing allocation lists until mid-May when the various promotion and relegation issues are resolved.
With this in mind we ask for patience as the correct answers are identified and options explored. We do not currently have all the answers – but we will strive to get them and present them to members and the wider community.