Back in August, at the first game of the season at home against Braintree, HUST forged a relationship with the Adam Stansfield Foundation, which resulted in it becoming our chosen charity. As Adam was a former player and crowd favourite it was only natural to choose the Adam Stansfield Foundation & recognising them for their hard work in raising awareness in regards for Bowel Cancer and achieving their aim of;

“The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation for the benefit of children and young people up to the age of 16 residing in Devon, Herefordshire and Somerset by the provision of grants and facilities for playing football” – See more at:

Andrea (Adam’s Sister) & her husband Shaun came to support the Bulls for our first game of the season as guests of the Trust & the club; this coincided with the 3 year anniversary of Adam’s tragic death. They were understandably moved by the reception given at the minute’s applause on the ninth minute of the match, followed by the chants of “There’s only one Adam Stansfield”. Ties were made from that day, with Andrea & Shaun, Adam’s Parents (Gig & Roger), Adam’s Brothers (Wayne & Paul) and their respective wives (Carol & Katie), along with Adam’s Wife (Marie) & Children (Jay, Taylor & Cody) all subsequently becoming honorary members of the Hereford United Supporters Trust. We are proud to have them all.

At the Trust’s launch party on the 29th August, we had a raffle which 20% of the proceeds went straight to the foundation; along with individual donations from members we sent them £120.00 in early September. We’ve now set up a new initiative where by any sales made on eBay of our merchandise will see 10% of the proceeds go to the Adam Stansfield Foundation. Due to current restrictions on our eBay account which we are awaiting the removal of, we’ve only been able to put up our HUST pin badge up so far, but will put up more as soon as we are able too. Purchasing of items and positive feedback will help us get past these boundaries, so why not have a look ( & help both HUST & the ASF.

The foundation themselves have a great new range of the items in their online shop, along with the pin badges & wristbands, they’ve introduced new ranges of clothing, sports equipment, scarfs, wallets, mugs, balls & many more items available, we strongly recommend Hereford Supporters to purchase any items that they desire and support the foundation. Visit their shop here ( Hopefully we’ll be seeing plenty of fans sporting the AS9 emblem around Edgar Street

In the meantime, have a look around the HUST website for latest news in regards to the ACV, a response to the open letter, match sponsorship details, prediction league updates, whilst our shop has a new Junior Hoody available to order.