HUST To Take Boycott Vote

Since arriving at Edgar Street over a month ago, Tommy Agombar has repeatedly failed to meet promises to pay former players and staff from last season, debts to the Council, and the settlement of outstanding winding-up proceedings. The failure to pay football creditors has adversely affected the club significantly, seeing the club drop two divisions and face the potential of further sanctions in the Southern League Premier Division. It has also had substantial impact on the lives and families of those former staff members left without payment.


The flow of information from Edgar Street officials has all but ceased, with the news of Monday’s High Court hearing coming from officials of Grays Athletic rather than official club channels. This underlines how badly supporters have been treated over the past month. The current situation cannot continue and, having repeatedly called on Mr Agombar to pay these debts and restore some dignity to the club, we now have little choice but to poll our members on a boycott of Hereford United (1939) Ltd. The boycott would be on all activities of the club including home matches, merchandise, and sponsorship.


The question to be put before members is:


“Do you agree that HUST should recommend to it’s membership to boycott Hereford United (1939) Ltd until all footballing debts, Council debts, and outstanding winding up petitions are settled in full?”


Members will be asked to vote by email through their registered email addresses. Emails will be sent out to members tonight.

If they do not have a registered email address they can vote by contacting HUST with their membership details.


Voting will close at 11pm on Tuesday, July 8th, with the result announced the following day.