HUST Ready To Open Talks Over Club Takeover – Pledges Still Needed

This from the Trust’s lastest mailing to members:


Dear Member,


HUST is pleased to announce that it has secured sufficient pledges from members and the wider community to be able to approach the current Board of Directors regarding a takeover of the club.


Whilst we are in a position to open talks, we still require further pledges to ensure we have the best chance of keeping the club going after yesterday’s fantastic result.

Most of the pledges we have received are on the basis that we can demonstrate that the club can be run on a sound financial footing going forward, and that is our intention.

Until we are able to examine the club’s books and determine the exact financial position of the club we are not able to provide exact figures to fans but, as soon as it is reasonably possible, we will make the case to the fans – our ‘investors’ – as to the way forward for our bid.


If you have not already done so, you can register your pledge by emailing with your details.

There are just 6 weeks to the Conference AGM where the club could face sanctions if it has not cleared the outstanding footballing debts. Now is the time to act if you can.


With the playing season over, HUST would like to thank those players and off field staff who may be leaving us this summer. While the season may have been disappointing, yesterday’s game will live long in the hearts of fans.

Peter Beadle, Steve Jenkins and the youth team will have one final bow at Edgar Street this season on Wednesday in the HFA Giantkillers Cup. Please come along if you can.


Our new lottery, The Prize Bull, has been very well received. Entries are being accepted online – – with tickets at £1 a week. A “Perm 5” option is also now available to pick 5 numbers with 5 entries of the permutations for £5 a week, paid monthly. The first draw in on Monday, May 26th. Standing order entries are also available, and we are building a network of shops and pubs to sell tickets in due course.


Up the Bulls!