HUST – PRESS RELEASE #4 21/03/2016

The New HUST Board.

At its meeting on 17th March the Board of Hereford United Supporters Trust agreed the following roles:

  • Chairman: Richard Tomkins
  • Vice Chairman – Governance: Craig Goodall (Acting Secretary until an Independent Secretary is appointed)
  • Vice Chairman – Community: Russell Cheasley
  • Treasurer: Mike Langford (HUST appointed Director to HFC Board)
  • Fund Raising: Andy Swift
  • Communications / Media: Andy Carr
  • Press Officer / Exiles Representative: Francis Williams
  • Assistance to Governance & Communications: Tristan Edwards
  • Board Member: Chris Williams (HUST appointed Director to HFC Board)
  • Volunteer Independent Minute and Membership Secretary : Peter Davies

The Board is actively seeking an Independent Secretary as recommended by the Election Management Group.
Information on each newly appointed Board member was released prior to the elections as a candidate statement. Those statements may be found here.