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HUST Meeting Report

The pre-arranged meeting of members of the Hereford United Supporters Trust in Radfords, Edgar Street yesterday evening was fortuitous in its timing – coming on a day when there was great expectations of a formal announcement of investment in the club and also on the day that the former manager Martin Foyle had issued a winding up order for the non-payment of salaries.

The latter appeared but the former didn’t – leaving supporters; members of the Trust, aghast at the lack of communication coming from inside the club. Initially the mood among the 60+ members attending, with another hundred tuning in on YouTube, was somber and serious having received an update on known events from Vice Chair of the Trust, Martin Watson. The clock is ticking and deadlines brought closer as the winding up hearing is 2nd of June (compared with 6th June for the Conference AGM). Describing the situation as being similar to a long slow death some supporters questioned just what is happening to the club, will the investment go through and most importantly will there be something to watch a Edgar Street next season. While HUFC and striving to settle last years debts other clubs are setting budgets, signing players and organising fixtures – another season of struggle is looming.

A brisk question and answer session followed where members of the Trust we invited to talk about the current issues and strategies and responses given by the elected Trust Board members.

Chris Williams, HUST Chair, who chaired the meeting recognised the appetite of supporters to still continue to support the club and summarised the meeting with the following actions.

First, support was given from the meeting for the Trust to vigorously pursue their ambitions for representation at Football Board level. Secondly, on the completion of the new investment proposal, the Trust board was encouraged to seek an early meeting with the new football Board to clarify the issues surrounding the investment and to seek opportunities to support the new Board. Finally support was given to the Trust Board to continue to pursue the development of a United front for all supporters. London Bulls already have an affiliation with the Trust and recent meetings with HUISA have been constructive and positive. It is hoped that a Unified Voice will be stronger in representing the supporters views and opinions to the Football Club Board.

The meeting closed with a call for support for Trust Board Treasurer Jack James’ efforts of climbing Snowdon in June with over 100 Wrexham Supporters & representatives from other football clubs and trusts around the country. The primary aim of this climb is to raise funds to gain further shares in Hereford United Football Club (1939) Ltd and give the supporters a stronger voice – for more information and how to donate see the pledge pages on the HUST website here with some proportions of donations going towards the HUST nominated charity, the Adam Stansfield Foundation, alongside the newly rebranded United in the Community.

Chair, Chris Williams closed the meeting on an optimistic note reminding Members the next season the club celebrates it’s 90th year. He call for fans to work together to ensure we will still have a club and have a big party to celebrate!

Chris Williams
Hereford United Supporters Trust