HUST co-opt Joanie Roberts and Richard Clarke

As no objections were received in the 7-day notice period, the HUST Board is pleased to confirm the appointment of Joanie Roberts and Richard Clarke as co-opted external directors.

Both have extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge to offer HUST on the marketing, fundraising and corporate sponsorship platforms.

They will serve  until the next Trust AGM.

HUST  need your help –  members wanted to join HUST Board and the HUST election group.

HUST is delighted that with three recently co-opted directors the HUST board is currently fully staffed again.

However the HUST board would like to remind all HFC and HUFC supporters that  HUST is still keen to hear from any member who is interested in joining the HUST board.

The next opportunity to join the HUST board will be at next HUST elections which will take place later this year.  The HUST election process is expected to begin in August and elected members will be appointed at the trust AGM.

Full details of the election process and election timetable will be published closer to the election date.

In the meantime HUST would be happy to hear to from any members who would be interested in standing for this years elections.  Please contact trust chairman Richard Tomkins – –  for an informal chat and the opportunity to learn more about what is involved by  sitting in on a trust board meeting before the election process begins.

HUST also requires one or more trust members to join this year’s Election Management Group.  This is a vital role which helps ensure that the trust operates in democratic manner and board positions are allocated fairly and transparently.  If you are able to help with EMG please contact trust secretary David Evans –