HUST Calls For Club Statement

HUST is concerned about the recent events both on and off the field.  “These are worrying times,” says HUST Chairman Richard Tomkins, “A number of members have been in touch to express their thoughts and, of course, the Trust board shares and understands members concerns.”

HUST has spoken with its Nominated Directors to try to understand recent events more fully.  Trust Vice Chair Joanie Roberts says “We fully appreciate our HNDs are constrained by the rules that govern the Club and as a result HUST is taking advice as to how dialogue and communication between the Club and the Trust can be improved. Members need more information,” says Joanie “and we are looking at how we can improve and make this happen.”

In the meantime HUST Chairman Richard Tomkins has written to HFC Chairman, Ken Kinnersley, requesting a board statement. “I understand there’s an HFC board next week and it has become prudent for the Club to alleviate supporter concerns. I don’t think it’s a premature reaction any more.” says the HUST Chairman.  Additionally HUST will be presenting a number of resolutions to the Club AGM in December, including a motion for a Fourth Director.  “The supporters deserve equal representation on the Club Board. It will be interesting to see how the resolution is received at the AGM. Following on, we will hold a Special Meeting of members to review and will advise on that in due course”.

The HUST board would like to reiterate we retain full confidence in our HNDs and encourage all supporters to get behind the team and all volunteers at all levels of the Club.