HUST Board Meet With Jon Hale Tonight

The HUST Board are set to meet with Jon Hale to discuss the details of the proposal for a new club to play at Edgar Street.


Subsequent to the meeting, it is expected that a meeting will be held for the wider membership and Bulls fans to consider the proposal details ahead of a vote of members.

With this in mind, we are currently dealing with a backlog of new members that we are currently processing. The backlog built up rapidly in the wake of the liquidation of Hereford United on December 19th with over 100 new members joining or renewing on each day from the 20th to Christmas Eve, and substantial numbers joining since also.


The Board would like to assure anyone that has joined HUST that they will be recorded as a member by the time a vote is called and their votes will be accepted accordingly.

Membership cards will be sent out as soon as possible.