HUST Board Agree To Joint Council Talks

The HUST board have agreed to work in partnership with a group of local businessmen as they seek to protect Edgar Street and the future of football at Edgar Street.


The group have issued a statement (full statement in which they state they “would be willing to put time, effort and money into protecting the future of football at Edgar Street.”


HUST Chairman Chris Williams and Board member Richard Howard will go to the Council offices along with Jon Hale, the former acting chairman of HUST who is leading the group, Phil Eynon, a long term supporter of the Bulls, and Phil Pratt, a chartered surveyor with Alder King and an expert in Commercial property and Landlord and Tenant relations. The meeting is on Tuesday afternoon and the Trust board will seek to meet soon afterwards to hear reports from the meeting.


We will update members as soon as possible.


We would also like to thank our members, and all fans, for them contacting their Councillors over the past 24 hours. We have had contact from many Councillors today who wish to keep the ownership of Edgar Street within Herefordshire. We have made really positive steps forward towards securing the site for future generations.