Hereford FC Badge Vote Result

HUST is pleased to announce that the following design has been voted by members to be the badge for Hereford FC –

Design 2

More than 900 votes were cast with 89% backing the design produced by Bulls fan Huw Marriott and his sons Max (11) and Louis (9). Huw told us:

I was born in Hereford and lived in Bodenham with my parents until I went to University in 1993. I now live in a small village near Northwich with my wife Jane, the boys and dog (Rudy the beagle)

My dad was a life long fan of HUFC and often recalls the joys of United’s cup runs and the climb to the old Second Division. Obviously I was indoctrinated into the club in the early 80s and don’t remember too much of the football, my early memories are of kicking a can around the front of the Blackfriars end. I do remember the home game against Arsenal in 1985, sat in a temporary stand that was erected for the game . I also remember to being allowed to leave school early for the replay at Highbury, my dad has still never forgiven David O’Leary for a professional foul on Chris Price when he was about to score.

I have followed the Bulls ever since following them all over the country convinced that at the start of the season that this would be our year, but I remember finishing 17th a lot. My highlights would be the 95 – 96 season when we go the the playoffs, first league success in my memory after many dismal years and a brilliant cup tie with Spurs, but this has to be trumped by the conference playoff game against Halifax, what a game what an atmosphere, never been with so many excited passionate Bulls fans. The low point (aside from the recent demise) would be the home draw against Brighton in 97 when we were relegated to the Conference for the first time.

I don’t get to as many matches these days, living is Cheshire and with family responsibilities, but I try to get to the games in the Northwest and home games if I am visiting family still in Hereford, and listened to Bulls Player every Saturday. In the family tradition I took my boys to their first Bulls match at Hyde in August 2013, a 2-2 draw but they did get to see us score. Immediately Michael Rankine became Louis favourite player and he even has used it in his Xbox gamer tag.

The boys have since then tried to convince the school friends the benefits of supporting Hereford and a few of them had HUFC as their third team, and so it begins (event though the team name has changed). My sons requested HUFC kits from Granny and Grandpa (who still liv in Bodenham) for Christmas, and now have the 2013 Home and Away kits.

We are all very excited to be involved in the development of the new club, and are hugely proud that our design has been chosen to adorn the chests of the players on the first day of the season and for many years to come. We will be there with the other thousands of fans ushering in a brand new era in the history of football in Herefordshire and are sure there are many good times to come for us all.


The badge will now be used by the club and be forwarded to kit manufacturers to produce the new black and white kit. Huw and the boys have also produced a second version of the badge, with the scroll outside of the main shield. This version will adorn the shirts as the “Forever United” scroll needs to be larger for embroidery purposes.

Marriott v3