Elections 2013 – Nominations Reminder

There are only 10 days remaining to complete your nomination forms and get them posted or emailed to our current acting Secretary.

All fully paid adult members of the trust are welcome to stand for the elections where the 9 Board positions will be decided. We would like to stress that it is not a closed shop and if you haven’t been involved in the working group this does not mean that you will not be able to stand for the board. We actively encourage any member who feels they are capable of bringing fresh impetus or strong ideas to the Trust to stand for our board, whilst the development of sub groups will also be open to anyone who is able to help us.


The Working Group meet on Thursday Night to discuss many pertinent issues including our inaugural AGM on the 14th November at Radfords which all members of the Trust are welcome to attend and cast their votes, whilst we will be in contact in regards to the voting procedure for those unable to attend.


So get your Nominations in, find 2 members of the Trust, get them to Nominate you and help us achieve our Aims & Objectives.