Chairman Chris Updates Members

The Hereford United Supporters Trust Board met last night to consider their strategy going forward from recent events.

Members will be aware of the recent initiative by the Trust to seek financial pledges to see if there is a potential appetite for a bid. We have received a substantial five figure amount in the opening 48 hours and continue to have strong interest from both Trust members and the wider community. The Trust Board agreed that in the coming days the Trust will vigorously pursue further pledges of support and review the position again early next week.

The Board also took the opportunity to take a view on their ability to manage a future bid and possible take over of the activities related to running the football club. Various alternatives scenarios were identified and evaluated. Support had been offered from the football community in general both inside and outside the county. It was agreed that the early indications are that the Trusts ambitions could be achieved with support from interested groups. These ambitions though need help in the form of pledges of financial support and volunteers, the Trust Board seeks your assistance in what ever way you can offer it.

On other news a strong financial report was received and a series of good news stories will be published in the coming days. Watch out for the launch of the new weekly “Prize Bull” lottery draw available to enter later this week for the first draw on 26th May 2014. This will initially be an online entry but we will be rolling it out to local stores and outlets both in Hereford and the surrounding Towns over the coming months. To help us build a sustainable income for the Trust this is another way you can become involved. If you can offer to help to us as a distribution point through sales through your shop/business contact the Trust through our contact web address

Let’s all hope that the last game brings us a great outcome to what has been a difficult season on and off the pitch. Whilst the footballing activity is drawing to a close, maintaining support for professional football in Herefordshire is still urgent and crucial. There are lots of opportunities presenting themselves to the Trust but we need your help in whatever form you can give it. Please contact us.

Chris Williams