BULLS BOOST is a #KEEPTHEBULLSFLYING  initiative to encourage all supporters to try and raise up to £20 per month… any way they can!

Examples of how this can be done are:

  • Having one less pint at the weekend
  • Gathering all the loose change from down the back of the sofa
  • Putting a couple of litres less fuel in the tank and walking instead
  • Organising a sponsored event
  • Or simply clubbing together with friends and family.
  • The possibilities are endless

The money you save can then be paid, by standing order, directly to HUST.

So…. NEXT YEAR… by May 2021…. a monthly contribution of £20 could realise …

  • 100 supporters £20,000
  • 250  supporters £50,000
  • 500 supporters £100,000

YOU choose which level suits you…  £5, £10, £20 are just examples of what could be achieved … How much could you pledge every month to KEEP THE BULLS FLYING..?

If you would like to be involved in the HUST BOOST then please contact Tony Taylor HUST Treasurer or DO IT TODAY and click the big RED BUTTON below

Thank you all for your continued support in the fans quest to reach the 50% shareholding in Hereford FC!

You can donate to HUST on a regular basis using our Standing Order form:

HUST Standing Order Form

Donations can be set to go out each month, quarter, or year to suit your requirements, and can be cancelled at any time. Forms can be returned to any Trust Board member or by post.

You are also welcome to specify a cause you wish the Trust to use the money towards.