AGM 2017

The Annual General Meeting will be held at 7pm on Thursday October 12th at Radfords, Edgar Street Athletic Ground Hereford HR4 9JU.

Agenda and meeting pack
A meeting pack including the AGM ageda and further supporting documents is available to download here.

Proxy voting
If you want to vote at the AGM on 12/10/2017 but cannot be there in person you may apply to request that someone who will be present can vote on your behalf.

To do this you need to fill in an application form which can be downloaded here.

When you have filled in your application, the paper copy must be returned to the Trust’s registered office, Hereford United Supporters Trust, c/o United in the Community Blackfriars Street Hereford HR4 9HS to arrive not later than 6pmTuesday 10th October 2017. Applications received after that time will be rejected.

Attending the AGM
If you are attending the AGM please bring your membership card with you if possible.