50/50 and Golden Goal – Fast Becoming Edgar Street Treasures

HUST makes monthly payments to HFC of the profits from the 50/50 Matchday Draw and Golden Goal and we dust off our ‘Big Cheque’ quarterly, to do a celebration presentation at a chosen match.

At the Curzon Ashton match our photo shows HUST Chair Richard Tomkins and Club Chair Stig Ammonds with the cheque, displaying the profits generated of £5,924.69 for July, August, September 2023.

HFC Chair Chris Ammonds with HUST Chair Richard Tomkins

50/50 and Golden Goal sellers are prominent at the ground on matchdays. Year on year these competitions gain a little more maturity and fondness, as do our sellers! It’s a key moment when winners are announced with fans rummaging through pockets. Hereford fans have stuck by the Club with these draws despite these difficult ‘cost of living’ days. Whether syndicates, big payers or scratching together a few coins, you all make a difference!

When visiting fans see the results they often say, “We wish we had one like yours”. The 50/50 is a big hitter across the league. HUST are the right group to run it with our tried and tested formula. We can donate free of tax and cover the 40-person hours to make it happen. You won’t see behind the scenes where two of our stalwarts miss the first half of each match to complete its administration.

Bulls Chairman, Chris Ammonds said, “I was very pleased to receive the cheque from Richard at Saturday’s game and would like to thank HUST for the work they do to make the 50/50 draw and Golden Goal so successful. Both competitions are an important income stream for the club and on behalf of everyone at Edgar Street I’d also like to thank every single person who volunteers their time to sell tickets for their ongoing support.”

Every member of our team displays the determination, hard work and sacrifice to make it a success. (You try standing out there in the cold and rain 😊). These are much needed funds for our Club. Please continue to support us and encourage your friends to do the same. Your Club needs you.